Grandchildren of Thomas Heffron and Anna (Gavin) – 4th + Generations

Grandchildren of Thomas Heffron and Anna Gavin

Thomas and Anna Gavin Heffron had 12 grandchildren, produced by 3 of their 5 children. Eleven are living and one is deceased. These 12 grandchildren have produced 40 members of the 5th generation and at least 21 members of the 6th generation but none yet in the 7th generation. Several of the living members of Thomas Heffron’s descendants live in St. Croix Co., Wisc., as well as other areas of Wisconsin and in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the Bayport-Stillwater area of Minnisota.


Children of Della Heffron Mahre, #69

166. RUTH MAHRE, born May 11, 1920, Amery, Wisc. She is a graduate of

the Univ. of Wisc., Madison and lives in Milwaukee where she is a

school teacher at James Madison High School, teaching senior English.

167. JOHN A. (BUD) MAHRE, born Oct. 19, 1923, Amery Wisc. died Dec. 30,

1951, in St. Louis, Mo. He married Corrine Kaufman of St. Louis on Nov.

6, 1948. Bud recieved his M. D. degree from the University of Wisconsin

in 1947. He began his internship in July, 1947, at St. Louis City

Hospital. At the time of his death, at age 28, he was resident in

internal medicine at St. Louis City Hospital and was teaching at St.

Louis University Medical School. After his death his wife gave birth

to their third child. She later married Alan Hecht and they had a son,

Jim Hecht. She died July 2, 1982, at Virginia Beach, Virginia.


398. Kathleen Mahre, b. 1949

399. JoAnne Mahre, b. 1950

400. John Mahre, b. 1952


Children of William Bernard Heffron, #71

168. MARJORIE ANN HEFFRON, born May 16, 1924, Janesville, Wisc., married

Francis A. Lockwood on June 28, 1946, in Milwaukee and they live in

St. Francis, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisc. Marge worked at various

clerking positions and retired after 25 years at Ola’s Supermarket

as an assistant manager. Francis retired after 38 years at Artos

Engineering Co. as a tool room machinist.


401. Larry Lockwood, b. 8/14/1947, mar. 5/26/1973 Darcy Lesnik,


a. Jeremy Lockwood.

b. Jeffrey Lockwood.

402. Timothy Lockwood, b. 9/17/1948, mar. 9/5/1973 Sandra Krueger,


a. Daniel Lockwood

b. Jamie Lockwood

403. Steven Lockwood, b. 10/6/1953, mar. 10/13/1979 Lois Nickel,


a. Patrick Lockwood

b. Jennifer Lynn Lockwood

c. _____________Lockwood, b. Jan. 1990

404. Susan Marie Lockwood, b. 3/3/1957, mar. 6/25/1977 Chris

Dusold, (divorced)


a. Benjamin Dusold

b. Brian Dusold

405. Sally Ann Lockwood, b. 11/24/1960, mar. 9/6/1985 Richard



a. Thomas Baehring, b. 1987

b. Katherine Baehring, b. 1989

406. William Lee Lockwood, b. 8/18/1962

407. Rickard Alan Lockwood, b. 12/14/1964

169. LOIS MAY HEFFRON, born April 17, l927, New Richmond, Wisc., married

William Louis Nelson on Oct. 7, 1961, in New Richmond. They live in

Stillwater, Minn., where Lois is a secretary at St. Croix Catholic

School and Bill works at Andersen Corp. in Bayport.


408. Mary Jo Nelson, b. 11/18/1963

409. Carol Jean Nelson, b. 12/18/1965

410. Gayle Katherine Nelson, b. 4/24/1968

170. THOMAS PATRICK HEFFRON, born June 21, 1929, Mason City, Iowa, married

Janet Larson on Dec. 26, 1952, in New Richmond, Wisc. Tom is National

Accounts Manager for Domain, Inc, an international distributor of animal

feed products. Janet is a county health nurse and they live in New

Richmond. Tom was stationed at Fort Lewis, (near Tacoma, Wash.), in

1952. He has been with Domain, Inc. for __ years and they have lived in

Baraboo, Wisc, and in Ames, Iowa, and since ____ in New Richmond.


411. David Heffron, b. 9/18/1954

412. Karen Heffron, b. 6/10/1956, is an attorney in California

413. Michael Alan Heffron, b. 7/31/1957, lives in California

414. Daniel Heffron, b. 4/19/1960, mar. 9/11/1982 Wanda Jantz


a. Ryan Heffron

415. Kristin Heffron, b. 9/5/1962

171. FRANCIS ANTHONY HEFFRON, born Dec. 29, 1931, New Richmond, married

Rita Walsh on June 22, 1957, in St. Paul. Fran and Rita live in Bayport

where he has been employed at Andersen Corp for 36 years, currently as

methods engeneering projects manager.


416. Paul Heffron, b. 5/29/1959

417. Patrick Heffron, b. 4/12/1964

418. Kelly Ann Heffron, b. 6/1/1962, mar. 11/21/1987 James Dahl


a. ___________Dahl, b. April, 1990

172. KATHERINE AGNES HEFFRON, born Sept. 23, 1933, New Richmond, Wisc.

married Harry L. (Bucco) Dieltz on June 5, 1954, in New Richmond. They

lived in Somerset, Wisc., for 28 years and now live in New Richmond

where Kay is a teller at First National Bank. Harry is supervisor at

Andersen Corp where he has worked since 1950.


419. Joseph Alan Dieltz, b. 12/22/1955, mar. 8/6/1977 Gayle Kock,


a. Paul Jacob Dieltz, b. 9/21/1982

b. Erika Lynn Dieltz, b. 9/11/1986

420. Katherine Lee Dieltz, b. 2/22/1958, mar. 5/1/1982 Bruce



a. Jens Thomas Hogberg, b.1/19/1986

b. Katherine Jean Hogberg, b. May 27, 1989

421. Jean Marie Dieltz, b. 1/20/1960, mar. 10/1/1983 Bernard Wendt

They take care of several foster children.

422. Nancy Ann Dieltz, b. 11/3/1961, lives in Minneapolis

423. Sherrie Sue Dieltz, b. 5/19/1963, mar. 10/5/1985 John Hosley


a. Breanna Hosley, b. June 3, 1988

b. _______________ b. Jan. 1991

424. Rebecca Lynn Dieltz, b. 6/25/1972. Becky was selected as

Miss New Richmond in 1989, now going to college in Eau Claire.

173. BERNADETTE SHIRLEY HEFFRON, born Oct. 9, 1935, New Richmond, married

Richard Moen on Jan. 29, 1955, in New Richmond. They live in St. Paul

Park, Minn. where she is a bookkeeper for South Wash. County School

District. Dick works in the wholesale hardware business with Hardware



425. Deborah Jean Moen, b. 12/28/1955, mar. 10/16/1976 Glenn Bedard

and they live in Brainerd, Minn.


a. Nickolus Glen Bedard,

b. Jennifer Katherine Bedard,

c. Erica Marie Bedard,

426. Diane Katherine Moen, b. 4/24/1958

427. Barbara Ann Moen, b. 11/28/1959

428. Richard Michael Moen, b. 6/5/1963

429. Robert Thomas Moen, b. 9/23/1969

174. MAUREEN JOY HEFFRON, born Nov. 30, 1940, New Richmond, married Ralph

Kontos on Jan. 6, 1962, in New Richmond. They live in Minneapolis

where they own Tube Products Corp.


430. Thomas Bernard Kontos, b. 7/2/1962

431. Ronald Allan Kontos, b. 4/1/1964

432. Anne Katherine Kontos, b. 9/19/1965

433. Karen Jean Kontos, b. 3/28/1974

175. WILLIAM JAMES (Bill) HEFFRON, born May 19, 1942, New Richmond, married

Carol Mauss on Oct. 5, 1974, in St. Paul. They live in Bloomington

where Bill is vice president of ad sales with Bock and Assoc. of

Minneapolis. Carol is a surgical nurse at Fairview Hospital in

Minneapolis. Bill went to Globe Business School, then lived in

Denver, then finished his education at the Univ. of Wisc., River

Falls. Then he was in the U. S. Navy and served on the USS Taconic

in 1967 and 1968.


434. Maureen Katherine (Molly) Heffron, b. 6/14/1976

435. Mark William Heffron, b. 6/18/1979


Children of John (Ray) Heffron, # 73

176. KATHLEEN HEFFRON, born July 12, 1940, Green Bay, Wisc., married Leon

Dorosz on Dec 29, 1962. She graduated from St. Norbert College and

Univ. of Cal., Davis Law School. She lives in Menlo Park, California

where she is an attorney and a social worker.


436. Leon Charles (Chip) Dorosz, b. l/6/1967

177. MARY ELLEN HEFFRON, born Nov. 21, 1943, Dayton, Ohio, married Thomas

Albers on July 27, 1973, in DePere, Wisc.. She graduated from the Univ.

of Wisc., Oshkosh, and is a school teacher who lives in DePere.


437. Alison Albers, b. 6/20/1982