Grandchildren of Mary Heffron Kane and Patrick Kane-The 4th Generation



Grandchildren of Mary Heffron Kane and Patrick Kane

Mary Heffron Kane and Patrick Kane had 7 grandchildren, produced by 4 of their 10 children.  Two of them lived in Minneapolis, three in Seattle, and the other two in various places including Seattle and the Bay area of California.  One of them is still living.  These 7 produced 21 members of the 5th generation, at least 27 of the 6th, and at least 9 of the 7th generation.  Most of these latter generations live in Seattle or in the Bay area of California.


Children of Owen Kane, #10

74.  MARY ELEANOR (MAY) KANE, born July 1, 1886, St. Croix Co., Wisc. died

Nov. 15, 1944, buried St. Joseph Cemetery, San Pablo, Cal., married

Charles William Hope, Sr. April 6, 1921.  (He was born March 26, 1891,

Chehalis, Wash., died March 19, 1971, Oakland)  They moved to Oakland,

Cal. about 1938.  Charles was a director of the National Labor Relations

Board, a veteran of both of the World Wars, a Captain in the U. S. Army

during  W. W. II, and owned a furniture store in Paradise, Cal. until he

retired about 1955 and moved to Oakland  May was very young when her

mother died and she was raised by her Aunts Jennie and Anna Kane in

Seattle. She graduated from the U. of Wash., with a degree in journalism

and she wrote many short stories which were published and also was a

probation officer for the juvenile court in Seattle before she was



178. Charles William (Scott) Hope,Jr. born May 16, 1923, Seattle,

Wash., married (1) Sylvia Conklin on June 6, 1953, and (2)

Glenda Brisco on June 17, 1969.  Scott served in England

during W. W. II as an air controller.  He is a Professor at

San Francisco University where he teaches English, Creative

Writing, and Poetry.  Glenda is a Presbyterian Minister, the

first women minister ordained in Northern California.  Scott

and Glenda devote most of their time, energy, and expertise

to the work of the San Francisco Network Ministries where they

are currently working and helping the homeless and AIDS

afflicted people in San Francisco.


a.   Paul Daniel Hope, born April, 1954

179. Owen James Hope, born July 14, 1924, Seattle, married (1) Mary

Catherine Boydson on May 7, 1948, and (2) Adele Darnell on

Jan. 30, 1980.  They live in Oakland where he worked in the

post office until he retired.  Adele is a school teacher.  He

served in the U. S. Army Air Corp as an electronic mechanic

during W. W. II.  He is now active in St. Vincent de Paul in



a.   Owen Dennis Hope, b. April, !949

b.   Beth Ellen Hope, b. Jan. 16, 1951

c.   Patrick Owen Hope, b. April 7, 1981

d.   Kimberley Ann Hope, b. Dec 31, 1983

e.   Brian Edward Hope, b. June 7, 1985

180. Mary Ellen Hope, born Jan. 16, 1926, Seattle, married on April

18, 1953, Arthur Duane Fredenburg, (born April 2, 1924, in

Detroit Lakes, Minn.).  They live in Walnut Creek, Cal.  She

is a secretary and Arthur is a Laboratory Technician and an

Enviornmentalist.  He served in W. W. II and in the Korean War

as a Chief Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy.


a.   Timothy Joseph Fredenburg, b. Sept. l, 1956, Oakland

m. Vicki Splain on May 4, 1987, and they live in

Pacifica, Cal. where he is a computer consultant.

b.   Mark Patrick Fredenburg, b. May 6, 1960, Walnut Creek,

lives in Alameda, Cal. where he is an credit analyst at

the Interrnational Bank in San Francisco.  He was in 

San Francisco during the 1989 earthquake and “was at the

top floor of a high rise.  No phone, lights, & bedlam….

Everyone walked down, streets dark except for headlights

from stalled cars & buses….

75.  MARGARET (DOLLY) KANE, born May 16, 1888, St. Croix Co., Wisc., died

Aug 19, 1958, married James G. Burke (b. Mar. 4, 1888, d. Jan. 1, 1979).

Both are buried in St. Michaels Cemetery, Bayport, Minn.  They lived

first in Stillwater, then for a time in North Dakota, and from about

1918 they lived on Grand Ave. in Minneapolis.  James was an insurance

agent.  Dolly was raised by her Hennessey grandparents after her mothers



181. James K. Burke, b. Dec. 17, 1914, died  Sept. 19, 1944, buried

St. Michaels Cemetery,  Baybort.  James was a graduate of De

La Salle High School, Minneapolis, and a 1935 graduate of St

Thomas college.  He worked for Liquid Carbonic Corp. before

enlisting in the army in March, 1942.  He was trained at Fort

Benning, Ga., and went overseas as an infantry company

commander.  He led his company on the victory parade through

Paris in 1944.  During the allied assault of the western

defenses of Germany (the Western Wall) in September, 1944, he

was killed in action.

182. Margarita Burke, b.______, married Col. Jack Dougherty, (a

veteran of the Army Air Corp during WW II).  She now lives in

Wellington, Ohio, with one of her daughters.

children  (7 grandchildren)

a.   Ellen Dougherty, lives Wellington, Ohio

b.   John Dougherty, a retired pilot for Delta Airlines, lives

Atlanta Georgia.

c.   Catheryn Dougherty, lives Denver

d.   Sharon Dougherty, lives Denver



Children of William Kane, #11

76.  BERNADETTE KANE, Born 1909, Erin Prairie, Wisc., married Michael J.

Connolly, (who was born 12/8/1908 and died 2/13/1966).  She died Feb.

18, 1982, St. Paul.  Bernadette was a nurse at St. Lukes Hospital in St.

Paul for over 40 years. Michael worked  for the Great Northern Railroad,

had met many of the members of the James J. Hill family, owners of the

G. N. R. R. and he and Bernadette are buried near them in Resurrection

Cem., St. Paul.


#183, 184, 185   Per request that children and descendants of Bernadette (Heffron) Kane and Michael Connolly be removed from this site (2021)

Children of Mary Agnes Kane Scott, #16

77.  MARY GENEVIEVE (MARY GEN) SCOTT, born Feb. 17, 1909, Ray, N. D.,

married Albert J. (Jack) Steis on Aug. 17, 1940, in Seattle, and died

June 1, 1986, in San Francisco.  Mary Gen graduated from the University

of Washington with a degree in music and taught school in Albany and

Oakland, Cal. from 1932 until about 1942.  She went to London in 1936 to

study speech.  She and Jack lived in Palo Alto in 1941, in Oakland

in 1942, in Berkeley from 1943 to 1947, in San Mateo from 1947 to 1963,

in New York City from 1964 to 1972, and in San Francisco thereafter.


186. Frances Steiss, born May 29, 1941, married Edward  Griffin,

in 1960 and lives in San Jose.


a.   Susan Marie Griffin, b. 1961, mar. _________

i.   daughter

b.   Jack Griffin, b. 1962

c    Joseph Griffin, b. 1969

d.   Stephanie Griffin, b. about 1971

187. Walter Steiss, b. Feb. 15, 1945, Berkley, graduated from

Fordham University in 1969; from Columbia Teachers College in

1970 with an M. A. in communications.  He taught speech at

Fordham in 1970-1971 and since that time has been in the

banking business.  Currently he is Manager of the Employee

Benefits division of Seafirst Bank in Seattle.

188. Mary Bernadette Steiss, b. July 5, 1949, in San Mateo.  She

graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York in

1967 and from Lone Mountain College in San Francisco in 1971.

She then worked for British Airways in New York until 1976 and

now works for Quantas Airways in San Bruno.  She lives in San


78. WALTER KANE SCOTT, born May 12, 1911, Ray, N. D., married Florence Aust

on June 22, 1938, in San Jose, Cal., died Jan. 22, 1968, in Seattle.

Walter was an attorney in Seattle, a member of the Little, Gandy, Scott,

Palmer, and Slemnons firm.  He was a graduate of the Univ. of Wash. Law

School and practiced law in Seattle for 33 years.


189. James Scott, born Aug. 7, 1939, married Mary Lou Henderson.

They live in Gresham, Ore., where he is president of Scott and


190. Patrick Scott, born Jan. 22, 1944, married Karen Marten.  They

live in Seattle where he is vice-president of KOMO TV.  He was

in the U. S. Navy and served on the U. S. S. America in 1968.


a.   son

191. Timothy Scott, born Feb. 19, 1946, married Linda Dawson.


a.   son

b.   son

c.   daughter


Children of James H. Kane, #19

79   MARY CAROLINE (CECE) KANE, born Dec. 1, 1913, Seattle, married William

E. Cole II on Dec. 28, 1940, (divorced 1949) and died April 16, 1971, in

Seattle, bur. Calgary Cem., Seattle.


192. William E. Cole III, born May 31, 1943.

193. Catherine Cole, born Sept. 3, 1945, married Fredrick Miller

Oct., 1962, (divorced)


a.   Christina Miller, b. 1963, m. St. Comdre Davis Mason

b.   Stephani Miller, b. 1973

194. James Kane Cole, born March 22, 1949

80.  CATHERINE KANE, born March 10, 1917, Seattle, married Richard D.

Miller on June 19, 1948.  She lives in Seattle.  Richard is a realtor.


195. Macgregor Michael Miller, mar. Candace Taylor in 1978 in



a.   Meghan Jane Miller, b.1981

b.   Ryan Michael Miller, b. 1984

196. Richard Dennis Miller, Jr., b. Oct. 22, 1954, m. Tara __, div.


197. Caroline Agnes Miller, born Aug. 27, 1956

198. Catherine (Kittis) Miller born May 2, 1959, mar. Joseph Bolduc

June, 1989