Grandchildren of Patrick and Alice (Dean) Heffron-The 4th Generation

Grandchildren of Patrick and Alice (Dean) Heffron

Patrick and Alice Heffron had 24 grandchildren, born to 5 of their 11 children.   Katie Heffron Martin, #26, and Alice Heffron Newell, #28, produced 20 of these 24 grandchildren.  Five of these grandchildren are living, 16 deceased and 3 unaccounted.  These have produced 32 members of the 5th generation, at least 53 in the 6th generation, and 7 in the 7th generation.  Most of the living descendants are in California, many in the Los  Angeles area.  Although several were born and/or raised in St. Croix Co., Wisc., there are no living descendants of Patrick Heffron now in Wisconsin.  One family is Canadian, last known address in Montreal.


Children of Katie Martin, #26

88.  ELIZABETH BARBARA MARTIN, born      1893, married Michael Kottarevsky,

died     1962.  She lived in Sacramento in 1941, in Phoenix in 1953, and

then in Beverly Hills.  Michael was in the U. S, Army as a language

expert.  He was a Russian exile, the son of a Russian Prince?  She was a

teacher in Wisconsin before she was married.

89   AMBROSE J. MARTIN, born Sept. 11, 1894, Echo, Minn., died May 2, 1941,

in Sacramento, buried Pine Hills Cemetery, Atascadero, Cal., married

Anna Hagle(?).  He enlisted in the army on May 20, 1917,in Fort

Harrison, Mont.  He served 18 months in W W I, in the Aisne-Marne

defensive July 25 to Aug. 11, 1918, the St. Mihiel offensive Sept. 12 to

Sept 16, 1918, and in the Meuse-Argonne Sept. 30 to Nov. 11, 1918.  He

moved to Atascadero, Cal., about 1924, then to Roseville, near

Sacramento, in April of 1939.  He was killed in an automobile accident

4 miles west of Roseville on the Sacramento highway.  At the time of his

death he was the proprietor of Martins Auto Supply Store in Roseville.

Children  (step-children?)

206. Ralph Hagle

207. Margaret Hagle

90.  FREDRIC HENRY MARTIN, born Nov. 24, 1895, Echo, Minn.,died April 15,

1965, in Kilgore, Texas, married Harriet Howells.  Fred was a veteran of

W. W. I.  He lived in San Francisco and then moved to Kilgore, Texas,

about 1940.  He was employed by the Federal Petroleum Board in both



208. E. Thomas Martin, lives in Dallas,


a.   Cherl Martin

b.   Jenifer Martin

209. Donald F. Martin, lives in Grandview, Missouri, married and


a.    Angela Martin

b.    Kristan Martin

c.    David Martin

210. Patricia A. Martin, mar. Thomas Bailey.


a.   Patricia Ann Bailey

b.   Katherine Bailey

c.   Jill Bailey

d.   Thomas Bailey, Jr.

e.   Mary Bailey

f.   Paige Bailey

g.   Steven Bailey

91.  MARIAN T. MARTIN, born 1897, died June, 1974, buried Immaculate

Conception Cemetery, New Richmond, Wisc.  She was a school teacher in

Wisconsin and lived in Madison, Wisc., in 1941 and in Milwaukee in 1953.

At the time of her retirement she was in charge of “Aids for the Blind”

for the state of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee.

92.  OREN T. MARTIN, born Jan. 22, 1900, died Sept. 21, 1901, buried

Immaculate Conception Cemetery, New Richmond

93.  LUCILLE (SALLY) MARTIN, born    1902, married Albin Roebling

(divorced).  She lived in Los Angeles in 1941 and in Hollywood in 1965

and now lives in Galeta, Cal., near Santa Barbara.

94.  WALTER JAMES MARTIN, born Jan. 12, 1905, died Feb. 23, 1966, in

Sacramento.  He worked in construction in California and also in Guam.

While in Guam he contracted tuberculosis and he later retired in    

Sacramento. He lived in San Luis Obispo in 1941, in San Francisco in

1953, and in Sacramento in 1965.

95.  CHARLES (PAT) MARTIN, born June 9, 1906, died March 15, 1967, in

Sacramento.  He married Olga Fadeff and was a self-emloyed consultant

at the time of his death.  He moved to California about 1930 and to

Sacramento about 1954.  He was a speech writer for several political

figures and was head of the speech writing group for California Governor

Goodwin G. Knight.  Olga Martin is a school teacher.

96.  KATHERINE M. (COTY) MARTIN, born Oct. 6, 1908, died Aug. 30, 1979, in

Santa Barbara, Cal.  She married Lloyd E. (Jack) Kirk who died in 1961

in Panama.  She lived in Appleton, Wisc., in 1941, in Panama in 1953,

and in Santa Barbara from 1969 until her death.  She worked in the

U. S. O. during W. W. II.  Jack was a banker in Panama.  Before she was

married she attended St. Catherine’s College, St. Paul, and Univ. of

Wisc., River Falls.  She and Jack lived in Honolulu where she was

publicity gal for The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki.

97.  CARMEN MARTIN, born    1909, died Oct. 27, 1926, New Richmond.

98.  ZITA P. MARTIN, born July 16, 1912, married Edward V. (Mike) Farrell

about 1949. Zita graduated from Univ. of Wisc., River Falls and taught

school for several years in Wisconsin and in the Navy Schools at Pearl

Harbor.   During WW II she was assistant director of Catholic USO’s in

San Luis Obispo and in San Diego.  She and Mike lived in San Francisco,

Annapolis, Honolulu, Japan, and Taiwan where Cmdr. Farrell spent 29

years in the U. S. Navy and  had tours of duty as Commander of a variety

of ships including the USS Chimon, and the USS Unadilla.  He also served

on the small crafts faculty of the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

They retired to Aptos, Cal.,  where he died in Nov. 4, 1989.

99.  ROBERT PHILLIP MARTIN, born Dec. 18, 1913, died Feb. 27, 1982, Santa

Maria, Cal.  He married Hilda Gion on March 6, 1945.  He attended

Georgetown University in Washington, D. C., served in the Sea Bee’s in

W. W. II, and was postmaster in Santa Maria, Cal.  He came west to Cal.

in 1935 and worked for his brother, Ambrose, in his auto supply store in

Roseville, Cal.  When Ambrose was killed, Bob moved to Santa Maria, and

when the war started he entered the service.  He returned to Santa Maria

and lived there the rest of his life.  Hilda is from Regent, N. D., but

came to California with her family about 1940.


211. Kirk Martin, b. Aug. 5, 1947, does carpentry work for a living

but spents most of his time traveling.  He is now in the

Orient, (China, Malaysia, or Thialand) and has visited much

of the world.

212. Gretchen Martin, b. Jan.  1949, mar. Mark Thobe on Oct. 9,

1973.  They live in Bermuda Dunes, (near Palm Springs, Cal.)

where he is a highway patrolman and she is a clerk in the

Sheriff’s Office.

213. Gion Katherine Martin, b. Feb. 6, 1952, mar. Phillip Cisneros

on Aug. 21, 1976, and they live in Atascadero, Cal.


a.   Katherine Cisneros, b. 1980

b.   Brian Cisneros, b. 1983


Children of William Heffron, #27

100. HAROLD HEFFRON, born_______???? May have lived in Phoenix and may have

used the name Westphal. (Stepfathers name).  Crippled?

101. DEAN HEFFRON, born_______?????


Children of Alice Heffron Newell, #28

102. MARTIN NEWELL, born Aug. 29, 1899, Marshfield, Wisc. married Mariel

Noble of Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1919, died April __, 1967,

Encino, Cal.  Martin moved with his family from Wisconsin to Vancouver,

B. C., Canada, in 1905 and then to Los Angeles in 1917.  He started work

in the oil fields around L. A. and when he retired in 1965 he was

purchasing agent for Getty Oil Co.

103. JOHN DEAN (DEAN) NEWELL, born Sept. 16, 1900, Marshfield, Wisc., died

1958, Los Angeles.  Dean moved from Wisc. to Vancouver (1905) to Los

Angeles (1917).  During W. W. I he served in the U. S. Navy, then

studied commercial art at U. C. L. A.  During W. W. II he worked for a

construction company on military projects around the world.  He was

married for a short time later in life.

104. DONALD PATRICK NEWELL, born Aug. 3, 1903, Marshfield, Wisc. married

Dorothy Lawrence on Aug. 3, 1931, and died Jan. __, 1985, in Delray

Beach, Florida.  Don was a graduate of U. of C., Berkley, in 1928.  He

worked in a stock brokerage firm in L. A. until 1949, then became a

business manager until retiring to Florida in 1973.  He and Dorothy

visited Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland, in 1968,  probably the first of

William and Bridget Heffron’s descendants to visit Kilmore Parish.


214. Donald Patrick (Pat) Newell, born Feb. 19, 1938, Los Angeles,

He married (1), Margartet Bell in 1959, and (2) Susan Korba in

1975.  Pat is a graduate of U. of C. Boalt Hall Law School and

is a partner in a law firm in San Diego. 

children  (one grandson?)

a.   Michael Joseph Newell, b. 1964

b.   Katherine Dean Newell, b. 1967

c.   Allison Suzanne Newell, b. 1976

d.   John Patrick Newell, b. 1978

215. John Lawrence Newell, born _____, 1940, L. A.  John is a

graduate of U. of C., Berkley, and lives in L. A. where he is

in the real estate business.

105. ALICE MARY NEWELL, born April 5, 1906, in Vancouver, B. C., married

James Major in 1930 in L. A., died Feb. 5, 1939, San Francisco, buried

in L. A.  Alice graduated from business school, then was an executive

secretary in an accounting firm in L. A.  After she married she lived in

Shanghai, China, where her husband was an auditor for the Dollar

Steamship Line.  They left Shanghai shortly before the Japanese



216. Donald Major, b. 1931, Shanghai, died of meningitis in 1936,


106. WALTER JAMES NEWELL, born Dec. 13, 1907, in Vancouver, B. C., died __

1931, in L. A.  He joined the U. S. Navy about 1924 and served in the

Asiatic Fleet on a submarine tender in China and the Phillipines. 

During this service he contracted tuberculosis and died at the V. A.

Hospital in L. A

107. MARY EILEEN NEWELL, born Dec. 4, 1909, Vancouver, B. C., married Haig

Prince on Oct. 31, 1930. (Haig was born in Yozgad, Turkey, of Armenian

parents. His father was one of the victims of the first genocide of the

20th century when the Turks massacred one and a half million

Armenian people in 1915.  Haig came to the U. S. to study at Oberlin

College, Ohio, then to L. A. where he was in the real estate business

until his death in 1973.)  Mary now lives in Encino, Cal., and has

traveled extensivlly, including Russia, South and Central America,

Europe and the Orient.  She at one time operated a doll shop on

Hollywood Blvd.


217. Mary Alice (Dolly) Prince, b. July 5, 1933, in L. A., mar.

James Hiss on Jan. 5, 1952, in Honolulu.  She attended U. S. C

and now lives in L. A.


a.   Pamela Christine Hiss, b. Nov. 23, 1952, Honolulu, mar.

Gerald Jolly in 1976, lives in Fountain Valley, Cal.

children, (2 daughters)



b.   John Hiss, b. Oct. 26, 1953, Honolulu, mar. Dec. 1985, to

Barbara Adkins in Dallas, where they live and he is in

office equipment business.


i.   John Joseph Hiss, b. Aug. 11, 1986.

ii.  son

c.   Patricia Dean Hiss, b. Aug. 22. 1955, in L. A.  She

graduated from U. C. L. A. and now lives in L. A.

d.   Dianne Patricia Hiss, b. Sept. 30, 1959, L. A.  She lives

in Panorama City, Cal. and has one daughter;

i.   ________

218. Randolph Winston Prince, born Dec. 9, 1934, L. A., died Nov. 7

1974, in L. A.  He attended U. S. C. and served in the U. S.

Army during the Korean War.  He was in the real estate

business in L. A.

219. Walter Newell Prince, b. Dec. 6. 1935, in L. A., married Diane

Burford in 1963.  He attended the Univ. of Miami, Florida and

U. S. C.  He operated a water ski school in San Diego until

entering the U. S. Army during the Korean War where he was a

correspondant for “Stars and Stripes”.  He now lives in

Chatsworth, Cal., owns a building maintainance business and

published 2 books (the first on water ski instruction and the

second, co-authored with his brother, on real estate escrows)


a.   Haig Marquis Prince II, b. Feb. 19, 1965, in L. A.,

called by his friends “the torch” because he was one of

the carriers of the Olymic Torch during the 1984 Olympics

in L. A.

220. Pamela Eileen Prince, born Feb. 14, 1938, L. A., graduated

Univ. of Colorado and was an airline stewardess for American

Airlines.  She now lives in New York City where she operates

a cooking school.

108. CATHERINE ELIZABETH (CAPPY) NEWELL, born April 9, 1912, Vancouver, B.

C., married Dr. J. F. Villar in Mexico City in 1930.  He died in Encino

in 1981.  They lived in Mexico City from 1930 until 1945 when they moved

to L. A. where he practiced medicine until his death.  Cappy now lives

in Encino.


221. Carmen Villar, born Mexico City on May 20, 1931, mar. Guy

Robetaille in 1953 in L. A.  She is a graduate of Queen of

Angels Nusing School, L. A. and is an office manager for a

medical group in Santa Barbara and a member of the city

council of Carpenteria, Cal.  Guy owns a food manufacturing



a.   Susan Maria Robetaille, b. Nov. 10, 1956, L. A., mar.

Joseph Ontevares Oct. 4, 1980 and has 2 sons;

i.   _____

ii.  _____

b.   John Guy Robetaille, b. Oct. 5, 1958, m. _______on

March 5, 1989.  He is in the food marketing business

in San Luis Obispo.

c.   Carol Robetaille, b. Sept. 26, 1962, Santa Barbara, mar.

Emmet Hawkes July 21, 1984.  She is public relations rep.

for Heart Assoc. of Santa Barbara where Emmet is in the

real estate business.

d.   Janine Robetaille, b. Sept. 22, 1964, Santa Barbara,

attends Loyola-Marymount Univ. and works in a hospital

trauma center.

222. Patricia Villar, born Nov. 28, 1934, Mexico City, married Dr.

Thomas Carter May __, 1955.  She attended Immaculate Heart

College and they now live in Tarzana Hills, Cal.  Dr. Carter

is a psychiatrist in Woodland Hills, Cal.


a.   Catherine Elizabeth Carter, b. Sept. 13, 1956, in

Moses Lake, Wash., mar. Al Saner in June, 1986, in

L. A., grad. of U. C. L. A. and lives in Camarillo, Cal.

She teaches school in Ventura, Cal.

b.   Michael Joseph Carter, b. Aug. 23, 1957, in L. A., grad.

U. C. L. A. and is a therapist for autistic children.  He

lives in Chatsworth, Cal.

c.   Thomas Patrick Carter, B. March 17, 1963, in Milwaukee,

Wisc. grad. from Loyola Univ. and teaches at Notre Dame

High School, Sherman Oaks, Cal.

d.   Patricia Maria Carter, b. March 18, 1964, Milwaukee,

grad. Loyola-Marymount Univ. and lives in Tarzana, Cal.

e.   Ellen Margaret Carter, b. Oct. 9, 1965, Santa Barbara,

attends Loyola-Marymount Univ.

f.   Vincent James Carter, b. Feb. 3, 1967, Encino, Cal., and

attends U. of C., Berkley

223  Joseph Fernando Villar, Jr, born Aug 7, 1939, Mexico City,

married Aurora Anchondo on March 2, 1973, in Santa Barbara.

She is from Chihuahua, Mexico.  He graduated from Loyola Univ.

and is a supervisor for the building maintaince company owned

by his cousin, Walter Prince.


a.   Katherine Villar, b. 10/16/1974 in L. A.

b.   Margaret Villar, b. 8/10/1981 in L. A.

c.   Jennifer Villar, b. 3/19/1986

224. Yolanda Villar, b. March 14, 1941, Mexico City, married

Keneth McKenzie July 13, 1963, in L. A.  She grad. from

Queen of Angels Hospital School of Nursing in L. A.  Ken

is in real estate development and they live in La Jolla, Cal.


a.   Maureen McKenzie, b. 7/17/1966 in L. A.

b.   Kristen McKenzie, b. 8/19/1969 in L. A.

c.   Daniel McKenzie, b. 5/8/1971 in L. A.

225. Robert Victor Villar, b. March 6, 1943, Mexico City, married

Mary Ellen Hammond on Feb. 1, 1963, in L. A.  He attended the

University of San Francisco and works for N. B. C. where he is

an assistant director.  They live in Sherman Oaks, Cal.


a.   John Carlos Villar, b. 5/24/1970 in L. A.

b.   Peter Newell Villar, b. 9/27/1972 in L. A.

c.   Suzanna Villar, b. 5/22/1974 in L. A.

d.   Ellen Villar, b. 11/22/1981 in L. A.

226. Kathleen Villar, born June 29, 1946, in Los Angeles, married

Auturo Jacinto on Oct. 26, 1974, in Los Angeles.  Kathy

graduated from St. Mary’s College in West Los Angeles and

studied in Mexico City.  She is a bi-lingual teacher in the

Los Angeles School System.  Arturo is a fire captain with the

Los Angeles Fire Dept.


a.   Andreu Jacinto, b. 10/9/1976 in L. A.

b.   Auturo Jacinto, Jr., b. 4/29/1979 in L. A.

c.   Daniel Jacinto, b. 11/6/1984 in L. A.

d.   Carlos Martin Jacinto, b. 9/5/1986 in L. A.

227. John Joseph Villar, born March 15, 1950, in Los Angeles,

married _______ ______.  He graduated fro U. S. C. with a

degree in music and is now in the real estate investment

business and lives in Santa Barbara.


a.   John Christian Northwood, b. 6/12/1979

228. Mary Ellen Villar, born Nov. 24, 1954, in Los Angeles,

married John Tejeda on June 13, 1981, in Los Angeles.  Mary

Ellen attended Valley College and is a bi-lingual counselor in

the Los Angeles School System.  John works with handicaped

children.  They live in Encino.


a.   Nicole Tejeda, b. 4/2/1985 in L. A.

109. PETER NEWELL, JR. born Aug. 31, 1915, Vancouver, B. C. married

Florence O’Connor (b. 1918, d. 1984) in 1942.  Pete graduated from

Loyola University and earned a Masters Degree in Physical Education

at U. S. C.  He was a Navy Ensign in the Pacific Theater in W. W. II.

After the war he became basketball coach at the University of San

Francisco, then at Michigan State University, and the at the University

of California, Berkley.  In 1960 he coached the gold winning U. S.

basketball team in the Rome Olympics.  Later, he became general manager

for the L. A. Lakers and then he was a talent consultant for the Golden

State Warriors and conducts his own basketball clinic for professional

players.  He was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame and now lives in

Palos Verdes, having retired from the Warrior organization in 1986.


229. Peter F. Newell III, born Feb. 28, 1944, Chicago,

married _____.  He graduated from San Jose State

University and now teaches and coaches basketball

at Santa Cruz High School.

230. Thomas Dean Newell, born Aug. 3, 1947, San Francisco,

married Elaine Caravati in 1978.  They live in Seattle

where he is the assistant coach for the Seattle Super-



a.   Ashliegh Newell, b. 9/17/1979 in Virginia

b.   Christopher Thomas Newell, b. 8/1/1987, in Virginia

c.   Paige O’Connor Newell b. 1/  /1987, in Seattle

231. Roger Kirk Newell, b. March 27, 1950, in San Francisco.

He graduated from U. of C., Berkley and publishes a

basketball newsletter.  He lives in Palos Verdes, Cal.

232. Gregory Dennis Newell, born Feb.__, 1956, San Francisco,

married Victoria Monsour on May 1, 1986 in Pasadena.  He

graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu and is now

sales representative for Converse Athletic Shoes and

lives in Redondo Beach, Cal.


a.   son


Children of Mamie Heffron Smith,  #31

110. DONALD SMITH , b. ________, Vancouver, B. C., married Cecile ______

He was in the Canadian Merchant Marines during W. W. II and now lives

in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


233. _______Smith

234. _______Smith


Children of Clarissa Heffron Wallace, #35

111. SUSAN WALLACE, born Feb. 23, 1938, San Francisco, died March 4, 1982,

Burlingame, Cal., buried Holy Cross Cemetery.  She married (1).______

about 1962, and (2) _____ MacDonald.  Susan was a graduate of St. Mary’s

School of Nursing and the University of San Francisco.  She was a

Registered Nurse and was the director of nursing at Chope Community



235. Teresa ____ b. 1965, mar. ____________

236. Bridget MacDonald, b. 1968

237. Gretchen MacDonald, b. 1971