Grandchildren of Margaret (Heffron) and Daniel Gerrity-4th + Generations

Grandchildren of Margaret (Heffron) and Daniel Gerrity

Margaret Heffron Gerrity and her family all left St. Croix Co., Wisc., early in the 20th century and settled near Ray, in western North Dakota, where they farmed.  All nine of her grandchildren were born or raised in the Ray-Wheelock-Williston area.  Four of these grandchildren are living, five deceased.

Only two of the nine continued to live in North Dakota throughout their adult lives.  The agricultural economy of the Williston area has been depressed for years, Wheelock is nearly a ghost town, Ray has little of its former prosperity, and Williston is dependant on the oil industry for its economy.  Of the 26 members of the 5th generation, only one still lives in Williston.  There are at least 38 members of the 6th generation and six members of the 7th generation, most of whom live in Montana, Washington, or California.


Children of Mae Gerrity Redlich, #52

135  CLIFFORD REDLICH, born Oct. __, 1913, Wheelock, N. D., died about 1971 in Spokane, Wash.  He lived in Spokane from about 1934.

136. WALTER JOSEPH REDLICH, born Dec. 3, 1918, in Wheelock, N. D., died

Nov. 10, 1976, in North Highlands, Cal., (near Sacramento, buried in

Sierra Hills Cemetery).  He was a farmer in North Dakota and California

for 37 years.  He also was a welder at McLellan A. F. B. in Sacramento

He moved to the Sacramento area about 1950.


321. James P. Redlich


322. Gary Schultz


Children of Patrick Gerrity, #54

137. FLORENCE E. GERRITY, born Dec. 4, 1911, Ray, N. D.  She married George

Sagaser of Tioga, N. D. in 193_.  They moved west, first to California

where George worked for Lockheed, then to Washington where he worked for

Boeing for many years at the Renton plant.  He is now retired and they

live in Auburn, Wash.


323. Patricia Sagaser, b. 1940, mar. Jerry Mills and they live in

Seattle where she works for Allstate Insurance and he works

for Boeing.

children  (11 grandchildren)

a.   Jennifer Mills _____


i.   Daniel ______

ii.  Krisy ______

iii. Nicole _______

b.   Teresa Mills

c.   Steven Mills

d.   Debbie Mills

324. Jeanette Sagaser, born 1942, mar. Bill Holveck, and they live

in Seattle.


a.   Greg Nelson

325. Ida Sagaser, born 1944, and lives in Auburn, Wash.

326. John Sagaser, born 1948, and lives in Lancaster, Cal.

327. Margaret Sagaser, born 1951 and married Dennis Furtado and

they live Germany where he is a Major in the U. S. Air Force

and she does income tax work.


a.   Jason Furtado

b.   Jimmy Furtado

c.   Keith Furtado

138. FRANCIS WILLIAM GERITTY, born March 3, 1913, Baldwin, Wisc., died May

24, 1978.  He lived at Watford City, N. D. where he was a cabinet maker

and finish carpenter.  He served 3 years in the Army during W. W. II.

and survived the sinking of the army troopship President Coolidge by

a mine in the harbor at Santos, New Hebrides. He recieved 9 battle stars

for his service in the Pacific Theater

139. DANIEL LEO GERRITY, born May 31, 1915, in Ray, N. D. and died July 1,

1972.  He married Katherine Semenow in Sidney, Mont., on July 5, 1941.

He was employed at the Farmers Union Grain and Supply in Williston, for

several years and was an elevator Manager at Maxbass, N. D., and at

Trenton, N. D., until he was forced to retire due to illness.  After he

retired he moved to Williston where he lived until his death and where

Katherine continues to live.


328. Mary Carol Gerrity, born Nov 30, 1941, mar. Richard Volk on

Nov. 26, 1962, in Bismarck, N. D.  He died 11/26/1987.  She

lives in Bismarck.


a.   Richard Volk, b. 8/24/1964.

b.   Daniel Volk, b. 8/23/1969.

329. Louetta J. Gerrity, born Dec. 17, 1942, mar. Elvin Kabanuk

on Sept. 14, 1963, and they live in Minot, N. D.


a.   John Kabanuk, b. 6/17/1964

b.   Gregory Kabanuk, b. 11/29/1966

330. Loretta (Laurie) Gerrity, born Dec. 17, 1942, mar. Harold

Grusing on Aug. 16, 1975, and they live near Billings, Mont.,

where Harold retired as a surveyor for the B.L.M. and now

works for a private contractor doing work for the B.L.M.

Laurie works for the Dept. of Family Services in Billings.


a.   Chris Shigley, b. 9/29/1967, lives in Oakhurst, Cal.

b.   Lisa Shigley, b. 7/1/1969, is a college student in

Billings, Mont.


c.   Douglas Grusing, b. 6/26/1961, lives in Atlanta, Ga.

m. Kathy Lynn Dalton


i.   Michael William Grusing, b. 1/25/1984

d.   Kevin Grusing, b. 9/22/1963, mar. Lori Kay Alles on Oct.

14, 1989 and they live in Billings, Mont. where he works

for Knox Lumber and she is a special education teacher.

e.   Steven Grusing, b. 12/18/1964, graduated from college in

Dec. 1989, with a degree in Geology.

331. Daniel E. Gerrity, born Sept. 13, 1945, mar. Conny Briggs on

April 26, 1966, in Trenton, N. D., and they live in Williston

where he works in sales for an oil company and Conny is a data

processor for a medical facility.


a.   Phyllis Michelle (Missy) Gerrity, b. 7/17/1967, m. Todd

Mathews 8/11/1987


i.   Mickeley Mathews, b. 4/4/1989

b.   Tami Gerrity, b. 8/8/1970

c.   Joshua (Josh) Gerrity, b. 12/15/1975

332. William F. (Billy) Gerrity, born 10/14/1951, died at age 8

months of cancer

333. Katharine A. Gerrity, born Nov. 4, 1957, mar. Paul

Castrovillo on April 24, 1982, and they live in Boise, Idaho,

where she is an attorney, a graduate of the Univ. of Idaho Law

School.  She was nominated as business woman of the year in

Boise in 1990.

140. BERNARD J. GERRITY, born March 18, 1918, in Ray, N. D., married Betty

Hewwitt in Kalispell, Mont. on May 17, 1961.  They lived near Kalispell

until 1968 when they moved to Polson, Mont. where they raised alfalfa

and wheat on their 200 acre ranch until retiring in 1990.  He served in

the 191st Tank Battalion in W W II, and after landing in Casablanca, was

in Tunis, Sicily, the invasion of Italy south of Naples, the invasion of

Anzio, the invasion of southern France in 1944, and on to Nurenburg and

Munich where his battalion took part in the liberation the Dachau

Concentration Camp. After the war he was a carpenter for 30 years as

well as a Montana rancher.


334. Laurie A. Gerrity, born 10/22/1961 in Kalispell.  She recieved

her degree in T. V. Production from the Univ. of Mont.,

Bozeman.  She married Brad Dasonville in Immaculate Conception

Church, Polson, on Aug. 19, 1989.  He is in computers and they

live in Seattle where he works for Boeing.

335. James Gerrity, born 5/28/1963 in Kalispell, mar., Katherine

Herman in Polson on Sept. 25, 1982.  They live in Polson where

he is a log skidder.


a.   Mathew Gerrity, b. 4/5/1983

b.   Brandon Gerrity, b. 8/1/1987

c.   Derek Gerrity, b. 11/15/1988

141. ROBERT E. GERRITY, born Aug. 2, 1920, River Falls, Wisc., married

Anne Renner of Richardson, N. D. on July 26, 1947.  (She died Feb. 17,

1989) He served in the Army Air Corp and was trained as a flight

engineer on a B-29.  He was assignied to a flight crew at Roswell, New

Mexico, at the time the bomb was dropped and W. W. II ended.  After the

war he worked for the government as a logistic specialist and retired

in June, 1983, and lives in Sacramento.  Bob and daughter Kathy traveled

to Ireland in 1990 and took the trek up the west coast to Belmullet.


336. Michael Gerrity, b. May 4, 1948, mar. Chris Pommerenck on

April 14, 1986, and they live in Sacramento where both work

for the state in computers.


a.   Megan Gerrity, b. June 12, 1987

b.   Sean Gerrity, b. Aug. 29, 1989

337. Dorothy Gerrity, b. Jan. 25, 1950, mar. Dick Spangler on Apr.

28, 1973, and they live in El Dorado, Cal., where he works for

the water district.


a.   Judi Spangler, b. Aug. 7, 1976.

b.   Robert Spangler, b. July 9, 1984.

c.   Catherine Spangler, b. June 12, 1986.

338. Nancy Gerrity, b. Mar. 30, 1951, worked for the Federal Civil

Service, McClellan AFB, and was killed in a small plane crash

on April 2, 1980.

339. Kathleen Gerrity, b. Sept. 20, 1953, and lives in Sacramento

where she is a school teacher in the San Juan School District.

340. Laura Gerrity, b. Jan. 1, 1959, and lives in Sacramento where

she works for the Army Corps of Engineers.


a.   Alicia, b. July 23, 1981.

341. Tom Gerrity, b. May 9, 1959, mar. Allison Reed on Sept. 27,

1986, and they live in Sacramento where he is a self-employed

hay hauler and she teaches 8th grade in Galt.


a.   Andrea Gerrity, b. Nov. 22, 1987.

b.   Thomas Gerrity, Jr., b. Nov. 30, 1988.

342. Janice Gerrity, b. Feb. 1, 1961, mar. Mike Sirois on May 26,

1985.  They live in Lynn, Mass., where he is employed as an

electrical engineer.

343. Jim Gerrity, b. Feb. 1, 1961, lives in Eillingham, Alaska,

where he is an aircraft mechanic.


Children of Delia Gerrity Coleman, #56

142. DANIEL JAMES COLEMAN, born July 3, 1918, Williston, N. D., died July

4, 1988, in San Jose, Cal.  He married Rose May Myers on Nov. 7, 1942,

in Los Angeles.  She was born in Durban, Manitoba, Canada.  Dan attended

UCLA from 1938-41, where he majored in civil engineering and was in

ROTC.  He entered the US Army Corps of Engineers as a combat engineer in

1942 and transferred to the Air Corps in 1943.  He served as a design

engineer at Wright-Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio, until discharged in

1946.  After his military service he worked in the aircraft/missile

engineering field and for a while did general contracting.  He also

attended Cal. Tech for studies in aeronautical engineering.  In 1951 he

was recalled into the Air Force as Chief, Test Section, Rocket Sonde

Group on the Aerobee missile project at White Sands Proving Grounds,

Alamagordo, N. M.  Following his discharge in 1953, he worked for

Aerojet General, first in Azusa, then in Sunnyvale, Cal., and then he

worked for Lockheeed where he won the “Engineer of the Year” award in

1962. Following the recession in the aerospace industry, Dan was retired

in the late 1960’s.  He then worked as an architectual consultant, sold

real-estate, and was a general contractor.  From the early 1980’s until

his death in 1988, Dan ran a drafting service out of the home he had

shared with Eby McKewen following his divorce in 1971.  He was an

accomplished classical violinist, and once performed the Romance

movement from Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto at the Hollywood Bowl when

the scheduled violin soloist could not go on.


344. Ronald Timothy Coleman, b. Nov. 22, 1944, Dayton, Ohio, mar.

(1) Suzy Anne Edgemond in 1965 in San Jose, and (2) Candy Ann

Lee on July 29, 1978, at Carmel, Cal.  Ron atended West

Valley College and then the Univ. of Santa Clara, then entered

the U. S. Army in 1969 where he served with the 30th Military

Police Battalion at the Presidio of San Francisco until 1971.

He is senior designer with IBM in San Jose where, except for

military leave, he has worked since 1967.


a.   Scott Patrick Coleman, b. Dec. 21, 1972

b.   Kathryn Grace Coleman, b. May 12, 1975


c.   Michael James Beebe, b. Feb. 19, 1973, San Jose

345. Vivian Joyce Coleman, b. Jan. 29, 1948, Alhambra, Cal., mar.

(1) Donald Zimmerman in 1965, (2) Ray Purcella, and (3) Ray



a.   Yvonne Lori Purcella, b. April 22, 1966, mar. (1) Shawn

Canada, (2) Robert Reynolds.  They live in Morenci, Ariz.


i.   _________, b. Feb. 1991

b.   April Marie Purcella, b. July 3, 1968, mar. Jeffery Scott

Walls in 1986 and they live in Germany where Scott is in

the U. S. Army.


i.   Bradley Tyler Walls, b. 1/26/1987

c.   Jennifer Purcella, b. Aug. 4, 1979

346. Patrick Brian Coleman, b. Sept. 12, 1957, Fair Oaks, Cal. mar.

Sherri Hall in San Francisco on Aug. 31, 1981, and is

presently in the U. S. Army in El Paso, Texas.


a.   Justin David Coleman, b. June 29, 1982, Augusta, Georgia

b.   Samantha Lynn Coleman, b. Aug. 21, 1984, Nuremburg,


143. EVELYN (DOLLY) COLEMAN, born Feb 9, 1920, Williston, N. D. and married

Ed Anderson on Dec. 25, 1938.  Ed was in the service from 1944 until

1946. They lived in Lynnwood, Cal., for over 29 years and they now live

in Downey, Cal. where they are both retired from many years work at

Classic Tool and Die Co. of Downey, Cal.