Grandchildren of John R. and Bridget (Henry) Heffron – 4th + Generation

Grandchildren of John R. and Bridget (Henry) Heffron

John R. and Bridget Heffron had 22 grandchildren, born to 4 of their 9 children. Fifteen are living, 7 are deceased and none of them lived in St. Croix Co., Wisc., during their adult lives. This group of grandchildren are scattered further and wider than any other with some living in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Red Wing, Minnesota, and in Bayfield, Wisconsin, Oregon, Arizona, California, Alabama, Missouri, and Chicago. These 22 grandchildren have produced 51 members of the 5th generation and at least 99 of the 6th generation and 26 of the 7th generation.


Children of Mary Loretta Heffron Gallagher, #61

144. MARION GALLAGHER, born March 3, 1904, Erin Prairie, died Nov. 9, 1965,

buried Arcadia, Wisc. She left home about 1923, going to Bayfield,

Wisc., to teach school. She married Herman Sense, Jr., and they lived

in Bayfield where she was a school teacher and he was chief of police

and later joined the Wisc. State Patrol. He died in 1962.

Children, born Bayfield, Wisc.

347. John Sense, b. Oct. 16, 1927, mar. Roseanne Manning on Aug. 30

1950, and they live in Broken Arrow, Okla.


a. Peter Sense

b. Jeff Sense

c. Shanna Sense

d. Amy Sense

e. Joel Sense

f. Stacy Sense

348. Ritamae (Reet) Sense, b. Nov. 27, 1928, married William A.

Palm on May 12, 1950, and they live in San Diego where he was

on the S. D. Police Force for 25 years, then with Pacific

Southwest Airlines, and now with the U. S. Marshall Service in

San Diego. Reet was an executive secretary, her last postion

was with Peat-Marwick as executive secretary to the managing



a. Sigrid Palm, b. 1/28/1959, she sells real-estate in San


b. Thor Palm, b. 3/29/1963, owns a painting business in San


349. Ann Sense, b. July 16, 1932, mar. Jim Tuscany on May 24, 1952,

and they live in Hilo, Hawaii. Jim served for 20 years in the

U. S. Navy.


a. Jimmy Tuscany, b. ______ , grad. from S. M. U. and now

lives in Texas/

350. Herman (Bumpy) Sense, b. May 13, 1934, mar. Lucille Berg on

Jan. 19, 1957, and they live in Winona, Minn., a Mississippi

River town about a 100 miles down river from St. Paul. He and

Lucy own Sense Electric.


a. Brian Sense, b. 6/24/1957, m. Lauritz Swanson on 6/24/



i Desiree Sense

ii Ryan Sense

iii Nathan Sense

iv Corey Sense

v Tyler Sense

b. Bruce Sense, b. 6/28/1958, m. (1) Julie King, 4/16/1983

(2) Wendy McNanamara 2/17/1990


i Bruce Sense, Jr.

ii Montana Sense

iii David Sense, b. 10/29/88

c. Lisa Sense, b. 9/2/1959, m. Ronald Guenther on 6/28/1980,


i Megan Guenther

ii Mathew Guenther

d. Linda Sense, b. 7/1/1963, m. (1) Ted Rice on 1/2/1981,

(2)Robert Moe 10/13/1989


i. Steven Rice

ii Jeffrey Rice

iii Melissa Rice

iv Rebecca Rice

v Christopher Moe, b. 8/25/1990

145. FRANCES MARY GALLAGHER,born May 31, 1905, Erin Prairie, She left

home about 1923, going to St. Paul to attend secretarial school. She

married Roy G. Penk on Sept. 27, 1930. They live in Woodburn, Ore.


351. Gerald Leigh Penk, born Jan. 24, 1932, and lives in Portland,

Ore., where he is Profesor of Journalism at Portland State



a. Deborah Penk, b. 12/8/1959, mar. Richard Boyles on

9/27/1980 and lives in Ridgefield, Wash.


i. Mathew Townsend Boyles, b. 4/26/1985

b. David Penk, b. 11/6/1957, mar. Susan Walton on 10/5/1979

c. Ruth Ellen Penk, b. 10/29/1961

146. DANIEL LAYTON GALLAGHER, born Sept. 12, 1906, Erin Prairie, died March

1, 1908, when he was accidently scalded in hot wash water in Erin


147. GENEVIVE MERCEDES (DEE DEE) GALLAGHER, born Sept. 20, 1908, Erin

Prairie, mar. (1) Fred Gibson, (2) Ed Schultz on June 3, 1938. At age

15, Dee Dee moved to Winnetka, Ill., to work as mother’s keeper and to

finish high school. She was able to obtain a scholarship, along with

her sister, Margaret, and they attended college in Chicago. She then

moved back home to help her family care for her younger sisters and

brothers. She and Ed now live in Cambridge, Wisc. where he is a retired

jurist, having been a judge in Chicago for many years.


352. Margaret (Peg) Denise Gibson, born July 29, 1932, married

Herbert Schied and they live in Chicago where he is retired

from the U. S. Postal Service. Peg is employed as a medical



a. John C. Scheid, b. 7/16/1953, mar. Karin Eberlein.

i. Justin Daniel Sheid

ii. Jason Michael Sheid

iii. Kristin Ashley Sheid

iv. Jordan Christian Sheid

v. Lauren Elizabeth Sheid

b. Geene D. Scheid, b. 12/10/1954, mar. William Pfaff


i Denise Geene Pfaff, b. 5/9/1978

ii. Molly Jane Pfaff, b. 6/7/1980

iii. Eileen Ann Pfaff, b. ______

iv. Sarah Beth Pfaff, b. ______

c. Michael E. Scheid, b. 5/5/1957, mar. Tina Naches


i. Michael Daniel Scheid,

ii. Natalie Jean Scheid,

iii. Jacqueline Michellc Sheid,

d. Daniel A. Scheid, b. 10/11/1961, mar. Teri Quinlan

353. Linda Lou Schultz, born Jan. 1, 1940, married James Heck

on Sept. 10, 1962 and they live near Madison, Wisc. He is an

M. D. and she a court reporter.


a. Edward J. Heck, b. 3/12/1962

b. Jennifer Kaye Heck, b. 7/18/1963

c. Amy Evelyn Heck, b. 4/28/1965

d. Andrew Daniel Heck, b. 8/8/1968

e. John August Heck, b. 9/26/1969

354. Daniel Edward Schultz, born Oct. 18, 1941, mar (1) Gail

Witti, mar. (2) Jean Stegman on July 15, 1972. They live in

Washington, D. C. He is a graduate of Northwestern Univ. Law

School and is now a trail lawyer in Washington, D. C., where

he represented Watergate defendants Bernard Barker, Virgilio

Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, and Frank Sturgis. Jean is a



a. Amanda Brou Schultz, b. 12/8/1966, a nurse at Boston Mem.


b. Timothy Gallagher Schultz, b. 6/26/1975

c. Mathew Rutledge Schultz, b. 6/26,1975

d. Katherine Dierdre Schultz, b.

e. Daniel Patrick Schultz, b. 4/7/1978

f. Margaret Beau Schultz, b.

355. Dierdre Kaye Schultz, born Aug. 13, 1945, mar. Roger Luzwick,

on Dec. 31, 1967 (div.) Dierdre lives in Cambridge, Wisc.,

and is an accomplished artist. The Surrealist’s Bible,

her first book, pubublished in 1976, is a collection of

charcoal drawings with Biblical themes. She has recently

second book, Christ Kin, also of charcoal drawings, and has

shown her art in several U. S. cities. Her third book

Endangered Species will be published in 1991. She is a

1967 graduate of Ripon College with a degree in Philosophy.

148. MARGARET (PEG) GRACE GALLAGHER, born April 1, 1909, Erin Prairie,

married Richard Sausen, and died Jan. 8, 1985 in Chicago. Peg retired

from the Chicago Welfare System after 35 years and continued to do

volunteer work at Loyal Univ. Hospital.


356. Peter Noel Sausen, born Dec. 28, 1940, mar. (1) Karol Miller,

(2) Cori Poulos in 1977. They live in Lombard, Ill.


a. David Sausen, b. 10/6/1966

b. Kia Sausen, b. 7/29/1969

c. Andrea Sausen, b. 7/17/1978

149. THOMAS ROBERT (BUD) GALLAGHER, born Nov. 24, 1910, St. Paul, married

Esther Hedland and lived in Richfield, Mn. He was a retired pipe fitter

who worked for many years in the Minneapolis area on several large

construction projects. He died March 18, 1990.


357. Thomas R. Gallagher, Jr., born Nov. 1, 1937, married Barbara

J. ________, died March 8, 1987, in Coon Rapids, Minn.

children (1 granddaughter, Jackie Lynn _____)

a. Sandra Lynn Gallagher, b. 4/15/1963

b. Timothy S. Gallagher, b. 7/15/1965

c. Lisa Ann Gallagher, b. 7/15/1965

d. Laura Jane Gallagher, b. 4/26/1967

e. Patricia K. Gallagher, b. 6/29/1968

150. KATHLEEN MARY GALLAGHER, born May 12, 19__, St. Paul, married Ed

Schoenborn and they live in Kingman, Arizona.


358. Darryl Schoenborn, b. ___________ mar. _________


a. daughter

151. HELEN ROSE (LOLLY) GALLAGHER, born June 30, 1914, New Richmond,

married John Colton (He died about 1970). She lives in Minneapolis.

She worked for Metro Medical Center for many years before she retired.


359. Wynne Colton, born July 18, 1940, mar. Michael Malsbury


a. Nancy Malsbury

b. John Malsbury

360. Bruce Colton, born Feb. 18, 1945, mar. Ragna Gudmondsdotir,

(from Iceland)


a. Sean Thor Colton, mar. Dawn Hart in 1989, lives in Auburn


b. Annicki Colton

361. Jane Colton, born March, 11, 1952.

152. JOHN EDWARD GALLAGHER, born Nov. 12, 1915, ______, died May 17, 1981,

married LaVerne (Lou) Luchwesmann. He was in the restaurant business

for many years in California.


362. Gaynell Ann Gallagher, born March 1, 1948, mar. Gary Beale.


a. Brady Beale, b. 9/4/1978

b. Kelly Beale

363. John E. Gallagher, Jr. born Dec. 8, 1953, mar. Jacqueline ___


a. Kathryn Gallagher, b. 6/14/1984

153 FLORENCE MAE GALLAGHER, born Dec. 18, 1916, St. Paul, married Robert

C. Westerman, (1912-1974). Florence lives in Edina, Mn. He worked

for City of Minneapolis for over 20 years. At time of his death he was

stage manager at the Minneapolis Auditorium.


364. James Michael (Mike) Westerman, born April 24, 1939, married

Mary Ann Seykora and they live in Richfield, Minn. Mike grad.

from Winona State, then recieved an M. A. degree from the Univ

of Texas. He taught 5 years in Minneapolis School System, and

the past 22 years has been employed at Waldorf Corp. in St.

Paul. Mary Ann taught school for several years and is now

employed in sales at Daytons.


a. Joseph R. Westerman, b. 9/12/1965, lives St. Cloud, Minn.

b. Julie Ann Westerman, b. 11/22/1968, in college at Mankota

c. James M. Westerman, b. 2/2/1971, in college at Winona

d. Jennifer E. Westerman, b. 7/31/1978

365 Robert John Westerman, born Nov. 12, 1940, married Jean

Grey. They live in Marietta, Ga., where he has had his own

business for several years and Jean works for Continental



a. Michele Marie Westerman, b. 8/13/1962

b. Tracy Jean Westerman, b. 11/11/1963

c. Jill Marie Westerman, b. 1/30/1966, m. Sept. 1987, to

Greg Marsh, lives Montgomery, Ala.


i Abigail Maria Marsh, b. 9/18/90

d. Robert W. Westerman, b. 1/30/1960

366. John Joseph Westerman, born Feb. 9, 1942, married Jean

Komorosky (divorced). He lives in Minneapolis and is

employed as a manager for Ashland Oil.


a. Charles P Westerman, b. 12/15/1970

b. Marcus A. Westerman, b. 7/23/1973

c. Benjamin R. Westerman, b. 7/26/1974

367. William Howard Westerman, born Nov. 28, 1943, married Nancy

Stockhous. He spent 2 years in India with the Peace Corp

after graduating from Brown Institute for Electronics. He

is currently employed by Xerox Corp. and lives in Richfield,

Mn. Nancy is a nurse specializing in cardiac care.


a. Daniel T. Westerman, b. 12/25/1970

b. Terance P. Westerman, b. 9/29/1974

c. Molly Ann Westerman, b. 3/9/1979

368. Kathleen Mary Westerman, born Jan. 7, 1945, married Richard

Skinner. She grad. from Univ. of Minn. with a degree in

French and taught school for several years. Richard is a

Principal of a Catholic grade school in St. Paul, Mn., and

they live in St. Paul.


a. Margaret Rose Skinner, b. 6/13/1977

b. John C. Skinner, b. 4/14/1980

c. Andrew Skinner, b. 11/15/1981

369. Mark Francis Westerman, born May 10, 1951, married Teresa

Pagani. He attended Dunwoody Institute and graduated in Auto

Mechanics, then grad. from St. Thomas with a degree in

business. They live in Acworth, Ga., where Mark is in

marketing for Motorcraft Parts.


a. Mathew F. Westerman, b 6/3/1985

b. Stephanie Isabel Westerman, b. 1/3/1989

370. Mary Jean Westerman, born Feb 2.,1955, mar. Scott Feigel,

(divorced). She grad. from Univ. of Minn. and from Hamline

Law School. She is an attorney but it not now practicing.


a. Erin Ellen Feigel, b. 11/4/1975

371. Margaret Lynn (Peggy) Westerman, born Jan. 18, 1957, mar.

Terry Peterson. They moved in July, 1988,to Spicer, Minn.,

where Terry practices medicine in New London, Minn.


a. Mark P. Peterson, b. 6/23/1986

b. Paul Robert Peterson, b. 6/10/1988

c. _____________, b. Aug., 1991

154. DOROTHEA MARIA (DODY) GALLAGHER, born June 13, 1919, New Richmond,

married Wilbur Hartzell on July 29, 1940, in Philadelpia. Wilbur was

employed by Lockheed Corp. in L. A. and died in 1982. Dody lives in

Redlands, Cal.


372. Jonathan Hartzell, born March 20, 1945, in _____, married

________ (divorced). He lives in Austin, Texas, where

he is producer, writer, and narrator of “Lets Have a Word

or Two”, a syndicated radio show heard in the U. S., Canada,

and Europe.


a. Ashley C. Hartzel, b. 7/7/1980 (?)

b. __________(girl)

c. __________(girl)

373. Mellisa Hartzell, born Dec. 30, 1949, married Brian Klink.

They live in San Diego where she is a song writer/singer and



a. Grayson Klink, b. Nov. 1985

155. DANIEL JOSEPH GALLAGHER, born July 13, 1921, New Richmond, married

Elizabeth (Betty) O’Day (died 1985). He owned and operated a hardware

store in San Rafael, Cal., for many years and now is retired and lives

in Grants Pass, Ore.


374. Bridget E. Gallagher, b. Dec. 30, 1946, mar. James Strachen


a. Michael Strachen, b. 6/23/1970

b. Daniel Strachen, b. 9/13/1971

375. Molly Ann Gallagher, b. July 2, 1948, mar. John Fedarchek


a. Kelly Fedarchek, b. 7/1/1970

b. Stephen Fedarchek, b. 9/12/1974

376. Patricia Mary Gallagher, b. July 4, 1951

377. Daniel J. Gallagher, b. April 28, 1953, mar. Nancy _____


a. Maureen Gallagher, b. 9/7/1977

b. Sheila Gallagher, b. 11/19/1979

c. Kathryn Gallagher, b. ?

378. Teresa Mary Gallagher, b. Aug. 22, 1953?, mar. William Bruce


a. Kristina Bruce, b. 2/9/1980

b. Kevin Bruce, b. ?

379. Margaret Mary Gallagher, b. Aug. 22, 1953? mar. Jeff Easton


a. Jaida Easton, b. 8/2/1978

b. Casey Easton, b. 8/11/1980

c. Michelle Easton, b. 8/?/1986

380. John Patrick Gallagher, b. Oct. 8, 1958, mar. Tera Van Noate


a. Ryan Gallagher

381. Kevin James Gallagher, b. Aug. 25, 1960, mar. ?

156. JEANNEAN GALLAGHER, born Nov. 27, 1924, St. Paul, married John Hartl,

and lives in Costa Mesa. Cal.


382. Kelly Hartl, b. May 24, 1954, died Sept. 9, 1954

383. Tracy Hartl, b. Nov. 24, 1956, mar. Michael Lang (1988?)

384. Cole Hartl, b. Nov. 12, 1958


Children of William Heffron, #62

157. KATHLEEN HEFFRON, Born Dec. 8, 1919, married Al Williams on Sept. 26,

1943, died Sept. 14, 1988, in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Al is a retired

Chiropractor and they lived for 30 years in Birmingham, Ala. until they

retired to Lee’s Summit, Mo.


385. Danny K. Williams, b. June 9, 1945, Kansas City, lives in

Midland, Mich. and is an electrical engineer.

386. William W. Williams, b. Sept. 13, 1954, lives Independance,

Mo. and works for the U. S. D. A.

158. HELEN ALICE HEFFRON, born May 10, 1922, Trenton, Mo., died Oct. 20,

1984, Independance, Mo., bur. Grandy Co., Mo. Helen lived for 42 years

in Independance and was employed as a bookeeper for Thomas M. Gee

Insurance Agency.


Children of Bridget Heffron Nelson, #67

159. W. WALTER NELSON, born______ married Irene Lindquist. They live in

Red Wing, Minn.


387. Gary Nelson, b. __________, mar.______________,




388. Roger Nelson. b. ______________, Mar,____________,




160. MARGARET NELSON, born May 7, 1917, Red Wing or St. Paul, died March

27, 1975, St. Paul. She married Gregory L. Gonzalez on Aug. 22. 1946.

She was an elementary school teacher in the St. Paul Schools and was the

first to introduce Spanish into the curriculum. Gregory was an

accountant for the State of Minn. and was active in the Democratic Party

and was the first Hispanic appointed to the Governors Human Rights

Commission. He died in July, 1978.


389. Bridget Gonazlez, born April 6, 1948, St. Paul, married

Carlton Hollander and they live in North Hollywood, Cal.,

where she is an actress and he is a television writer.

390. Francisca (Tica) Gonzalez, born June 24, 1952, in St. Paul,

married Donald Hanson and they live in St. Paul. He is a

systems analyst and she is an insurance underwriter.


a. Eric Hanson, b. May 19, 1984.

b. Ian Hanson, b. June 22, 1988.

161. DELORES NELSON, born _____________, married Harold Mann on __________.

they live in Red Wing, Minn., (home of Red Wing Shoes and situated on

the Mississippi River a few miles south of St. Paul).


391. Gerald Mann, b. ___________, mar. Nancy___________, lives

Red Wing, Minn.


a. Scott Mann. b. _____

b. Tim Mann, b._______

c. Sherrie Mann, b. ________

d. ___________

392. Beverly Mann, b. ____________, mar. Dale Kohn,


a. Lonn Kohn

b. Mike Kohn

c. Steve Mann

393. Jim Mann, b. _______, mar. Dawn _______, lives Red Wing

394. Daniel Joseph Mann, b.___________

162. ALICE (ALLY) NELSON, born Aug. 3, 1921, in Goodhue County, Minn.,

married Wilbur L. Tackaberry on Feb 2, 1947, (10/12/1921–3/28/1984).

He was a telegraph operator on the Milwaukee Railroad. Ally taught

elementery school in 1942-1943 and then worked for the Red Wing Shoe

Co. for 20 years, retiring in 1983. She operated a game farm with

exotic pheasants from all over the world, plus pea cocks, Rheas, White

tailed deer, mute swans, ducks, exotic chickens, and the Artic Fox. She

appeared on the “Outdoor Sportsman” T. V. show for 6 years, covering 16

states and Canada. Now retired, she works part time for the Mt.

Frontenac Golf Course and golfs, cross country skis, plays cards,

and rides her 70 cc bike with her 3 friends (White Angels). She lives

in Frontenac, Minn., a small community situated on the banks of the

Mississippi River near Red Wing, Minn.


Children of John Henry Heffron, #68

163. JOHN KELLY HEFFRON, born Sept. 12, 1924, St. Paul, Married (1) Irene

Cole Halvorson, (2) Netty _______, (3) Dorothy_______. John was in the

U. S. Navy from about 1943 until 1963 and now lives in St. Paul.


395. Patty Heffron

396. James Heffron

164. MARGARET ALICE HEFFRON, born March 27, 1928, St. Paul, and now lives

in Crosby, Minn.


397. Valerie Ann Heffron, born Sept. 13, 1951, and lives in


165. JAMES WILLIAM HEFFRON, born Dec. 18, 1930, St. Paul, was accidently

scalded to death on Jan. 12, 1934, in St. Paul.